Meet our Tamaskan Family


Mikko arrived from Blustag Kennels in December 2007. He was our first Tamaskan puppy. Mikko is registered by the Tamaskan Dog Registry (TDR) and is thoroughly health tested. He has produced 2 litters.


Inna arrived in Portland on 30 May 2008, and is out of Alba Kennels in Scotland (thank you Liz!). In true American fashion, her first social event was a Little League game where she made quite a splash. Her beautiful red coloring and markings certainly attracted a lot of attention. Inna is registered with the TDR and is fully health tested. She is the foundation bitch at Conchur Tamaskans and has produced two beautiful litters.


Mikko and Inna became “grandparents”  when Sierra who lives at Weylyn Tamaskans in the Netherlands produced a lovely litter in and Zeus sired a litter of puppies with Leilah at Sierra Tamaskans.

Conchur Tamaskans does not have any currently available pups or breeding plans for 2015.  If you are interested in adopting a Tamaskan pup, please contact us for more information about reliable breeders in your area.  Check our website regularly for news about plans for future litters.